La Pala Swimwear

To think and to discover, that is the question - discover what amuses you, what makes you feel good, what you like and what you value. At La Pala we believe that design is a search for solutions, it’s what makes our bathing suits unique and distinct every season.

About us

Our creation process begins with the intimate, it stems from our personal and immediate universe, from the familiar with its southern Spanish feel, because everything has an origin. The result is always surprising, it’s universal, cosmopolitan and global.

“Fashion and design comes to us via tradition; our family has been involved in the dressmaking world and infant fashion since the last century. When you have lived with something this special since you were a child, it captivates you, it swathes you and it instils in you a need to create.

The most traditional essence of La Pala can be seen in the artisanal production of our items; there are no automatic or industrial processes here, only a profound knowledge of the profession, a pleasure in the details and in the quality of the finish.

Each resulting item is unique and unmistakable, steering away from the conventional and superficial, and exuding the satisfaction of a job well done.

When coming up with our collections, the family is the nucleus which gives meaning to everything we do. Family is the essential element which gives us our identity, our character and our values. Family is something universal, global and intimate all at the same time.”


We turn our ideas into reality.

Nothing is random, nothing is superficial; behind each and every one of our bathing suits lies hours of work in the studio, in the workshop and in the office. Collection after collection, season after season, we want improvement not just in design but also in the quality of our lycras and fabrics, in our dressmaking, image, customer service and distribution.

Fashion BOOK

Thanks to every one of you, La Pala is a leader in children’s swimwear fashion and our collections are eagerly awaited by more and more people each year. The months of intense work and effort to release a better collection each season are always rewarded.

We treat each collection as a challenge and the will to overcome it is what drives us to keep exploring, to keep seeking and to keep imagining the things that will soon be materialised as new collections, new designs, new fabrics, new ideas and new emotions.

We continue to grow, step by step, forging a path. When we launched our first collection in 2012, we could never have imagined that we would reach so many people in such a short time.


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